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Defining Steampunk proper

For years I have liked the aesthetics of the steampunk look in various project. Be it clothing, objects or vehicles, a nicely done steampunk project I find very pleasing. I have done some mild steampunk themed project in the past, mainly computers and cabinets, but recently I felt the urge to do some more of that. For a start I did some online research, as I always do and I found myself, quite quickly, to have a strong opinion on certain steampunk practices.

What is steampunk?

Usually steampunk is defined as Victorian/Edwardian style-cues mixed with industrial revolution inspired attributes projected on modern technological and social concepts. That is to say that a typical steampunk rocket-scientist would wear a top-hat with brass welder-glasses and a steam-powered jetpack on his or hers back.

The variations are endless frankly and a lot of steampunk enthusiasts would add to¬†steampunk a sense of make-believe history, roleplaying and subcultural elements, but in essence it’s a style-figure you can categorize as you can Jugendstil. Apart from the Victorian style-ques, which are mostly decorative, the materials play a large role in the overall style. Materials like brass, copper, ¬†wrought iron, rivets, pneumatics, hydraulics, leather, gears, and latches are used a lot.

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