Tech journalism : Worst than the gossip pages

Very little journalism is good journalism. In fact, calling the majority of reports journalism is an insult to proper journalism. The vast majority of journalism is shoddy, poorly researched, click-bait driver regurgitated drivel often with a biased agenda one way or the other. This is true for most media, but the internet surely takes the cake here and within this realm lives the “tech journalist”.  On par with the gossip column, but often mush more incompetent with regards to the subject.

Ow, how I hate tech journalism at large. Their lack of any form of vision or insight. The random tangents and hyperbolae they shoot forth for no apparent reason. The oblatory lack or research or citing sources. The obvious extension to the tech and ad-industry that they are.

There are very little mainstream tech article in which either a single miscomprehension nullifies the entire bloody thing or where the one-sidedness is so thick that even the fact sheets should be doubted. The stupidity of the conclusion that are drawn from various sources, often uncredited, without any form of analytical explanation.

My conclusion on the tech journalism industry is something like this. People who can’t even manage HTML, but use excel for useless stuff it should never be used for, can always go into tech journalism. Of all the sub-disciplines of “journalism”, I think tech journalism really scrapes the barrel when it comes to proper reporting. The dutch news site “NU.NL” isn’t known for it’s in-depth coverage of the news, for it is just basically a news aggregate site, but with the notable exception that the news is actually paraphrased and goes on-line often uncredited. In this process, even more errors are introduced either by mistranslation or “journalistic” bias. It is a site where one should always ask : “So what is the real story here?”. Because these clowns rarely give a proper picture.
But sometimes the stuff they put out there is so utterly stupid that I’m amazed at the sheer thoughtlessness of it all. Whether a nonsensical drivel is copied from another (not credited source) or if somebody over their made their own conclusions is irrelevant. Should one not expect at one point that the brain actually kicks in to let the tech journo in question actually begin to wonder if starting to contemplate if they should actually have to look over the story again, a bit more critical this time?

The latest tech-turd my jaw dropped open from was a (uncredited) report that stated that Samsung dominated the smart TV market. Of all the smart TV players, Samsung was the biggest. Now this is not something to be amazed about because, lets be honest, in the dumb and slightly retarded TV area’s Samsung is also not a slouch. The amazingly stupid thing about this horrid piece of reporting was not drumming up the uncredited research that Samsung is a big player in the smart TV market, but that, be extension the Samsung TV-OS Tizen is the most used smart TV OS…..

Sound logical when I write it like that? I surely hope not, because that must be not only the most illogical conclusion ever made, it is provably wrong and a clear sign of technological and social cluelessness.

A more correct title would be “Samsung sells the most TV sets with a build it feature that is awful and nobody uses and cares about”. Who the fuck actually uses that smartTV crap? on any build in platform? If the number is a 2 digit percentage I’d be surprised.

Fact is that within certain segments of the TV hardware industry, you don’t really have a choose. At some (price)point, you’ll get shoved that smart-TV nonsense down your through whether you like it or not. And then you have a TV with smart TV capabilities… And perhaps this is a Samsung. But how does having that TV set equate to using Tizen? I certainly don’t and I know of no one with a new TV who actually likes that crap.

The ugly baby software on those things, how slow everything is, how utterly unusable and slapdash the (G)UI’s are, the fact that your TV collects view data and now has a microphone!!!. It is a privacy usability nightmare. Does anybody actually connect these things up to the internet? I sure did not. And if I need it for some update because the TV part somehow needs it, I’ll plug it in… briefly.

But seriously, how technically inept and clueless does one have to be to simply equate the number of sold TV sets by Samsung to “Samsung dominates the smart TV market”. It boggles the mind..


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