Why you need to use Adblock all the time

There are many good reasons to use adblock and anti tracking software for your browser. Ads and tracking sites are annoying, potentially dangerous, they slow down your browser and they hog your bandwidth. All very good reason to simply block ads no matter how much a youtuber or website is whining about lost ad revenues. Within these bounds the user is perfectly in his or her right to choose to use this software.

But there is another good reason to block ads. A reason that could actually make NOT using adblock a bad thing to do.

A couple of months ago Adobe and Pagefair did a study that cites a revenue loss of 22billion dollars for “publishers”. I say “good” and lets try to double that next year, but a lot of sites and video channels suddenly were up in arms against using adblock. With all the usual whiny arguments that ads supports free content and that it is like stealing and what have you. Again and again the same “the world owes us for something nobody asked for” bullshit. I took a look at the loudest community on youtube regarding this insufferable self inflicted victim hood and this is what I found.

Nearly ALL whining channel operators were “game channels”. A game channel is this… A guy talking about… stuff’n’games while you are watching game play footage. It is literally some bloke playing games and recording his thoughts and publishing that. They call themselfes “content creators”!. I call them ordinary gamers that put their gaming sessions on youtube.

But these gamers often insist that they should be rewarded fiscally because they have a hobby! In fact, your internet experience should be worst so that they can play games all the time! The world owes them money because they play games… It would be funny if it weren’t so utterly insulting. You’ll find thousands of these game channels on youtube, all the same formula which isn’t very original as they all want to be the next 7 million dollar PewDiePie. They just seem to have though “Hey, I play games and I have some opinions… I reckon my gameplay is worth a lot of money if I make a video about it”. It’s delusional bordering on stark-raving-mad.

Now why should we all be using adblock?

If you take a step back and look what sites and channels all actively proclaim they need the ad revenue to survive, there is only 1 conclusion. these sites and channels are not the pinnacle of quality content. In fact most of it is just arbitrary nonsense. A slew of meaningless worthless channels with nonsensical pulp with only 1 reason to exist.. Make ad revenue for the “content creator”. Just take a look what the majority of online content seems to be today.

  • Kids commenting on games
  • Top X countdown sites with absolutely no relevance or use
  • Compilations of things that do not matter.
  • “News” sites that simply aggregate stuff from everywhere.
  • Sites that have their users actually get the material

All lazy low quality content shit that have 1 thing in common “Gather as much ad revenue with as little as work as possible”. This scheme is growing like a plague. Every gamer and his dog things he’s the best thing since sliced bread and now starts a ad revenue driver channel. This is the problem, ad revenue is flooding the internet with useless low quality shyte and it is drowning out quality content. Content that is made by people who actually have something of value and do it for the contents sake. In other words ad revenue schemes are hurting quality content. This is why everybody should always block ads everywhere.


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